Gobrush Mist Silk'N Ionic Steam Straightening Brush

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Fast straightening without frizz or damage - 3D Smoothing technology: steam, tourmaline and ions. Protects and nourishes -Prolonged result for all hair types -Ceramic plates with tourmaline coating (37 x 90 mm) and incorporated brush -23 temperature settings: 120-230°C (5°C interval) ✅Steam straightening brush ionic GoBrush Mist Silk'n GBM1PE1001 ✅Fast straightening without frizz or damage 3D Smoothing technology: steam, tourmaline and ions. Protects and nourishes Long-lasting result for all hair types Ceramic plates with tourmaline coating (37 x 90 mm) and incorporated brush 23 temperature settings: 120-230°C (5°C interval) ✅Silk'n Gobrush Mist, it's what ? Silk'n GoBrush Mist is a completely new styling brush based on 3D Smoothing technology using steam. This innovative straightening steam system combines the technology of a straightener and a heated brush, for maximum detangling and contact with each lock! Thanks to its 23 different temperature settings and large tourmaline-coated plates, the Silk'n GoBrush Mist styling brush is suitable for all hair types. This styling brush is also very easy to use. You can easily keep an eye on the temperature during your styling session, thanks to the handy LCD display. In addition, its rotating power cable allows an ergonomic grip from all angles. And the ultra-fast heat-up time of this device saves you time. Silk'n GoBrush Mist is the guarantee of a smooth, silky and radiant result, wherever and whenever you want! ✅Styling brush with 3D Smoothing technology: simple, fast and risk-free! The Silk'n GoBrush Mist styling brush uses 3D Smoothing technology consisting of steam, tourmaline and ions. Thanks to this technology, you will get the desired smooth and silky hair, but in a much softer way than ever before. Let's take a look at this technology to understand its unique advantages! ✅Steam technology Unlike a traditional straightener with flat plates, the Silk'n GoBrush Mist styling brush has spiked plates and a steam generator. The steam function is optional, so you can turn it off and use the device as a regular straightener. Instead of just using heating plates to straighten hair, the GoBrush Mist distributes heat to the hair shaft using the steam that comes from the water in the reservoir, for flawless results. Hot steam straightening is less damaging to your strands because during this process the steam adds moisture and prevents over-drying. This makes using the GoBrush Mist much safer, even on treated or damaged hair. Plus, with its steam technology, the GoBrush Mist provides shine and a healthy-looking, frizz-free glossy finish. The results are even longer lasting than with a traditional straightener, because the water vapor better protects the hair against humidity. ✅Tourmaline Coating & Ion Technology The Silk'n GoBrush Mist styling brush uses ceramic plates with an ultra-smooth tourmaline coating, preventing tangling, tangling or heat deterioration. Did you know that tourmaline generates 20 times more moisturizing ions than any other type of straightener plate? Dry or damaged hair has positive ions and tourmaline is able to cancel them out by emitting negative ions which produce silky and shiny hair. Tourmaline also protects your hair's natural oils by locking in moisture and closing the hair follicle on contact. Thus, the GoBrush Mist smoothes the hair without tangling, quickly and gently, while protecting it. It eliminates frizz for a healthy-looking finish! ✅PTC heating system The acronym PTC stands for "Positive Temperature Coefficient". This technology guarantees fast and efficient heat transfer and allows the Silk'n GoBrush Mist to reach temperatures of 120°C in 40 seconds and 230°C in 3 minutes. It also contributes to reducing the cooling time of the device and, therefore, the risk of overheating, for a safer use of the device. This benefit extends the life of your device. ✅There is a temperature for each type of hair Silk'n GoBrush Mist has 23 temperature settings: 120-230°C, with an interval of 5°C. This straightener can therefore be used on all hair types. It is therefore recommended to set the appliance to the lowest possible temperature (120 to 160°C) for fine, damaged or colored hair. Normal hair can be treated at a temperature between 160 and 190°C. If you have thick, frizzy and/or curly hair, you can set the temperature to 200-230°C. A handy heat-resistant mat During straightening, you can place your Silk'n GoBrush Mist on the heat-resistant mat supplied with the device. The latter is also very practical when you go on vacation or when you go out with friends and want to have perfectly straight hair in a jiffy. So place your GoBrush Mist on the mat now to start your styling session and enjoy a stylish diva look all day long!

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