Clipso Perfect Pressure Cooker 4.5L

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The pressure cooker Clipso Minut' Perfect 4.5L of the brand SEB is a product manufactured in France. With its cooking control system including an automatic countdown, it allows you to perfectly control the cooking time and temperature. In addition, equipped with a built-in sensor, the cooking control system automatically starts at the ideal temperature and notifies you as soon as your meal is ready.

This pressure cooker can cook up to twice as fast as traditional cooking methods, making it a convenient product for those in a hurry. It is also 30% lighter than a Clipso+ with the same cooking volume, making it easy to handle. Opening and closing the pressure cooker is very easy and one-handed, making it easy to use.

Another advantage of the Clipso Minut' Perfect 4.5L pressure cooker is its ability to preserve vitamins from food. Indeed, it is able to retain up to 80% of the vitamins of food, thanks to fast cooking and low temperature.

To ensure safe cooking, the pressure cooker is equipped with 5 locking systems. Finally, its stainless steel tank is designed to last at least 10 years, making it a sustainable investment for your kitchen.

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